● Party on the Edge

Friday Night

November 10 / 7 PM
Fashion Industry Gallery

Kick off the weekend with a party celebrating the leading edge of cuisine, style, art and music, featuring our state’s most innovative chefs including the Bocuse d’Or winner Mathew Peters, Chris Shepherd of Underbelly, and more. Guests can explore pop-up spaces curated by Sheila Youngblood of Rancho Pillow and a fragrance bar by Forty Five Ten, as well as experience immersive music + art produced by Latin DJ collective Peligrosa and artist Cruz Ortiz.

■ Storytelling on the Edge

Saturday Daytime

November 11 / 10 AM — 5 PM
The Joule & The Eye

Experience the stories of Texas Monthly through in-depth Q&As, experiential presentations, and other sessions that bring to life subjects central to the state of Texas, its future, and its place in the world. Join us as our editors dive into discussions ranging from medicine and technology to the arts and criminal justice, exploring topics as varied as the Texas landscape itself.

▲ Texas on the Edge

Saturday Night

November 11 / 7 PM
Longhorn Ballroom

Texas Monthly will re-imagine the Texas frontier with a neon twist, showcasing a futuristic campfire art installation as Sarah Jaffe and Shinyribs take the stage. Texas chefs including Rene Ortiz, Laura Sawicki, and Nayan Desai of Launderette, Diego Galicia and Rico Torres of Mixtli, and Junior Borges of The Joule will lure guests outdoors for open-flame cooking, where you will also find styled teepees from Cruz Ortiz and a pop-up bar by Midnight Rambler.

Weekend Schedule

Friday Night ● Party on the Edge
  • Peligrosa // Cruz Ortiz // Bites // Cocktails // Pop-Up Lounges 7:00 pm +
Saturday Day ■ Storytelling on the Edge
  • What's Working in Law Enforcement? 10:00 am +
  • Miracle Medicine 10:00 am +
  • Deal Me In 11:00 am +
  • Dallas Reconsidered 11:00 am +
  • Cheers for Texas Beer 1:00 pm +
  • A Better Texas 2:00 pm +
  • How I Escaped ISIS 3:00 pm +
  • Waiting for Justice 3:00 pm +
  • Your Future Favorite Tunes 4:00 pm +
  • Director's Cut 4:00 pm +
Saturday Night ▲ Texas on the Edge
  • Live Fire Cooking // Pop-Up Bar // Futuristic Campfire 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm +
  • Shiny Ribs 8:00 pm +
  • Sarah Jaffe 9:30 pm +